Wind. it means the world to us

Extreme potential

The V117-4.2 MW™ expands the 4 MW platform application into extreme wind conditions. Designed for extreme wind speeds of up to 57 m/s, and capable of withstanding wind gusts of up to 80 m/s.

Up to 13% increase in annual energy production

Ideal for sites with strong winds or tropical type wind conditions, the V117-4.2 MW™ improves Annual Energy Production up to 13%*.

The V117-4.2 MW™ benefits from a strengthened version of the proven 57.2 m blade currently used on V117-3.45 MW™ and the gearbox known from V136-3.45 MW™.

The turbine variant features, among others, Vestas’ High Wind Operations, Vestas’ advanced Lightning Protection System (LPS) (certified to acc. IEC 61400-24 and JIS A 4201 standard) and Vestas De-icing.

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*compared to V117-3.45 MW™, depending on site-specific conditions