Wind. it means the world to us

Vestas Versatility

The Vestas 4 MW platform has a powerful legacy. Since its introduction in 2010, relentless incremental innovations have resulted in up to a 56% increase in energy production, depending on wind class.

+19 GW installed
Across 6 continents and 35 countries

With the introduction of V117-4.2 MW™, V136-4.2 MW™ and V150-4.2 MW™, the Vestas 4 MW platform extends its application into tropical type wind conditions, offers reduced sound power levels, and with rating up to 4.2 MW, delivers greater output across low, medium, and high wind conditions.

Covering six rotor sizes, an adaptable tower program and multiple modes of operation and options, the 4 MW platform ensures leading flexibility for each unique wind site.  

Built on the advantage of known technology and years of experience gained from more than 6,000 turbines installed globally, it has proven its worth under highly diverse conditions – and continues to set new benchmarks for performance. In time, these advances in technology will become our legacy for the future.

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